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“Another Sangria?” Elliot sighed into the cradle of her arms, stirring from her doze to shift lazily from her stomach to her side. Laura was just settling onto the lawn chair beside her, built like a teapot and with a temperament to match, holding the offered drink at arm’s length as though it might bite… Continue reading Transition

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The children dance, as children do, unaware of the predators quietly lurking in their midst. Even as the doors swing closed and the first blood begins to be spilled, the dancing continues of a different sort; panicked cries and feet frozen in fear, arms flailing as bodies amass at what should have been an exit.… Continue reading Bitten

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Encountered Innocence

You sit with your nose pointed towards the cool glass of the train window; waiting, as I wait, for our journey to begin. I've watched you like this every day, and every day a new expression will cross your features as though you were more complex than the mere child you are. Across the way,… Continue reading Encountered Innocence

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“Before I was a woman I was a tree, with branches that reached into eternities of endless trials and riches beyond mortal conception…” Immortality is not a constant thrill, as many would have you believe. It is only constant in its stagnation, no manner of human trifles could ever make it less so. The goddess… Continue reading Asphodel