Hello, and welcome to my humble blog.

My name is Emily, and I am a writer of things. Some of those things are small and irrelevant, while others are intended to give pause; to make meaning where it has somehow been lost or forgotten, corrupted or misguided. Whether I achieve that meaning, of course, is entirely up to you.

I hail from a small country town in Australia, where the peas grow and the cows somehow don’t roll down the mountainside (to my continued astonishment). There isn’t much else to do here for one such as myself, and with so much free time on one’s hands, so I spend my days concocting brilliant plots of high adventure and political overhaul. It is one thing to plan, of course, and an entirely different beast when it comes to putting those plans into motion. It is, as all life is, a work in progress.

I am a lover of literature, a coveter of concepts, and a creator of alternate worlds. I drink a lot of tea, buy inordinate amounts of stationary, .and sometimes I bake cookies for the fun.