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The Pillow Fort

A little girl dreams of being a star.

A little boy dreams of her brightness.

They share their secrets under the blankets and amongst the pillows.


A young girl dreams of being okay.

A young boy dreams of the same.

The blankets are their sanctuary, the pillows keep their secrets.


Adolescence is kind to her, but only so much.

To him, she was always perfect.

She shares her sheets with someone new, but he still remembers their secrets.


Her eyes are sad and her skin is sallow.

He misses the way she used to smile.

She sits alone with rumpled sheets and stained pillows, he moves on.


She’s wasting away in the world of her dreams.

He hardly remembers her name.

Their secrets are long forgotten within the comforts of the couch cushions.


Her memory no longer causes him pain.

He shares with his own little girl

The secrets he swore he would keep under the cover of large blankets.


She lives again in the image of a child.

He adores her more than ever.

The pillow forts offer this vision

a safety he could never give his old heart.

AN: The image is not my own, though I did edit it after finding it on google. The original source, from what I can guess, can be found here.

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